Happy 4th of July Everyone

by nacreouslights

Happy fourth of July! The fact that I’m sitting in Vienna right now has definitely got me a little down. My family and friends will be barbecuing, drinking beer, and enjoying the festivities that go along with this wonderful holiday. But it has certainly left me time to think about what it means to be an american.

Anyone can be an american. America is a country of immigrants, a melting pot of culture, therefore patriotism, for many years, was an absolute must. Without a strong feeling of connection to the country, its inhabitants would hold on to their old traditions and cultures, never feeling truly at home.

Sometimes it is hard to love America. We see the mistakes of our leaders everywhere we turn. We are stereotyped by the rest of the world as being stupid, fat, or war-crazy. I see this a lot living abroad. The ignorance of these people, most of whom have never been to the US, can really bring me down.

But the fourth of July is a day to remember and be proud of where our country came from. We laugh with friends, swapping stories over traditional hamburgers (or veggie-burgers in my case) and remember that regardless of the hard times, America is a beautiful country with beautiful people who are happy and proud.

“Cheers!” to that!