A Little Pampering

by nacreouslights

Lately all I have been doing is going. I’ve been running all over the city doing this or that, just generally stressing. It’s Friday night and people are getting dressed up and going out, but I’m taking this evening for me.

But this is not just a veg-out on the couch situation, no, this is an event. I picked up my favorite wine, I’ve got bread baking in the oven, some beautiful cheeses and fruit and some smoked salmon spread out on the table. Later I will light a few candles, take a bath, give myself a facial, and relax with a good book.

We do not take enough time for ourselves. Whether it be friends, a spouse, or children, work, school, or mundane tasks of living, someone or something is always taking up our time. So whether it be an hour, an evening, or a whole day, take some time for you this weekend, and do something you love, for you.