A Beautiful Trip to Croatia

by nacreouslights

I apologize for my two week hiatus from blogging, but I just returned from an amazing trip to the Island of Hvar in Croatia. Being both avid campers, my boyfriend and I set out with our backpacks packed, our destination being a lovely campsite near the town of Jelsa. Our first bus left Vienna at 8 am and brought us to Zagreb where we caught a bus to Split. Traveling by bus is by far the least glamourous way to travel, but certainly the most cost effective and tends to be more efficient than traveling by train through Europe.

We spent the night in split then caught the 11:30 ferry to Hvar. The ride was lovely. When we arrived on the island, we took a bus to our campsite. We built our tent quickly  and then ran down to the water to cool off. The water was the clearest I have ever seen. The ocean floor looked a foot away, covered in rocks and urchins, but it was well beyond our reach.

The rest of our week was spent walking, hiking, exploring, and most of all relaxing on the beautiful island. There is something marvelous about being by the ocean. Something so clarifying and peaceful. For the first time in a while it was magnificently easy for me to rest my mind and dream. My whole body felt lighter whether I was walking, or lying under the hot sun or bright stars. The two of us laughed whole heartedly and played in the salt water. People in the city tend to forget the importance of play.

The two weeks was not long enough, but even after our 12 hour overnight bus ride (on which I can never sleep) I still felt refreshed. The salt has washed off my skin and out of my hair and the last of the fresh air has been exhaled from my lungs, but I feel fresh and rejuvenated and wildly in love with Hvar.