Music: Grimes

by nacreouslights



A few months ago, I was sitting in a friend’s living room at 2am, half talking, half in our our heads, when a Grimes song came on the Pandora station we were listening to. Neither of us knew her at the time and, hypnotized, we followed her into her world. Neither of us said a word until the song ended and we jumped up, checking her computer to see who had created such a dream. We spent the rest of the night engrossed in her music.

But it isn’t just her music that fascinates. It’s her. She has a unique take on fashion and everything she does is art. I won’t deny, she sometimes crosses the border into meaningless randomness, but she never fails to entertain. Put her music on loud, and feel yourself being taken away to somewhere far more interesting and strangely beautiful.

I mean just watch her work!