On Feeling Nostalgic

by nacreouslights

It took me awhile to learn to recognize when I was feeling nostalgic. It always seemed to creep up on me as a sort of dreamy ache in my heart. I couldn’t figure out whether it was a sad feeling or not, but I would suddenly be filled with this intense emotion, mostly when I was playing guitar or driving, and I just couldn’t for the life of me place it. I took awhile to reflect on the circumstances surrounding it. It happened most often when I was back in the States seeing old friends. I would get this feeling of not quite belonging anymore. I had ran away to Europe for adventure and must have changed in the process of doing so because when I returned to visit everything was the same, but different. My friends were the same, more or less, and we did all the same things we used to, but somehow I felt out of place.

And then it hit me;Ā Nostalgia!

I at first rejected the feeling because I believed in the now being the only reality and the past was not worth over-examining (which I still do, to a point, believe). But after a lot of reflection I began to see my problem. I had ignored the fact that my life in the past made me who I am now. It’s a journey, a life, and while there is so much of the path ahead of me, I’ve covered a lot of ground. Getting caught up in the past can lead to a life not fully lived, but there is nothing wrong with curling up after a busy day and reminiscing.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so take some time to be nostalgic. Look through old photographs or journals, meet a friend and laugh over old stories, cuddle up with a loved one and recap your journey together, whatever brings that dreamy ache of the heart.

What do you like to do when you’re feeling nostalgic?

Here are a few of my own nostalgic images