Thanking the Earth on Thankgiving

by nacreouslights

We live today in a society where almost everything is given to us. We walk or drive to the grocery store and can chose from hundreds of products to consume, having little to nothing to do with the production. The same goes for most things we consume. We take advantage of having everything by losing our connection with the world around us and losing our gratitude. I was raised outside. I played with sticks and learned how to grow food on our farm. I wasn’t allowed much television or computer games and, although I resented it at the time, it is something I am now forever grateful for. I was raised with a connection to the earth.

Nowadays most people have never had a connection to the earth. Some have never witnessed food growing and rely entirely on food that had been pre-picked, pre-prepared, pre-packaged. They do not associate their meat with animals because, by the time it is on their plate, it doesn’t resemble an animal at all. It is so easy for us to consume that we forget to be thankful.

Today is a perfect opportunity to give thanks to the earth for providing us with everything we could ever need. I have filled a small glass with earth from a nearby park and it will serve as a centerpiece for my modest thanksgiving. It reminds me, as I eat my delicious meal, that it all came from the earth. If you decide to eat turkey today, take the time to thank the turkey for nourishing you and passing its energy from the earth, through it, to you.

How will you remember to be grateful today?