Artists: Alison Scarpulla

by nacreouslights


I don’t know what it is, but lately all I can think about is magic. It could be the amount of ‘Game of Thrones’ I have watched in the past month or it could be the changing of of the seasons, but I feel fantastically romantic. I believe this is why I have found a sudden connection with the wonderful photographer Alison Scarpulla. I have enjoyed her work for awhile now and I often check her website for new inspiration, but I never felt as inspired by her as I have in the past few months. Recently, I would say that I find her to be one to the artists who have influenced me the most.

I find fantastic art in her medium to be the most interesting of the genre, mostly because it makes it feel real. Painting, drawing, etc., often feel like a fantasy to me, whereas photography focuses more on real-life moments, so when the medium of truth meets the dream world, magic seems to pour out of the page. It is rare for me to feel magic pouring out of the computer screen, but somehow Scarpulla manages to do what most photographers cannot; bringing a fantasy-world to life.

Take a look for yourself!