by nacreouslights



To say I love this small town in Upper Austria seems inadequate. Out of all the places I have been, this very well could be my absolute favorite. Friends of mine own a 400-year-old house in the mountains called “Spintriegl”. It is a home entirely deserving of a name because it has the presence of a being. The minute one walks through the front door, there is an overwhelming feeling of energy¬†vibrations. It’s almost as if one can feel, see, hear the walls breathing. And the energy is incredible. Very old houses can be dangerous in the fact that, first of all, the materials used in that time are extremely absorbant. One must then imagine how many people passed through that home in the last 400 years, all of whom brought energy and left it there. Spintriegl is a an example of a home which was filled, for all these years, with love and joy. You feel it the minute you walk in the door.


Spintriegl providing respite from the cold of winter


The lovely Jeremy and Stephi enjoying “Martini Time” in the back yard


Beautiful girls at the kitchen table


It isn’t just the house, however, that vibrates with such beautiful energy. The whole area is filled with some of the most wonderful energy I know. It pulls you out of the home and into the mountains, the forests, the rivers, the valleys. It energizes you at the same time that it calms you. It is as refreshing as the crystal clear water of the springs flowing down from the surrounding mountains. Invigorating, healing, joyous. It is the escape from the hectic life of the city that I find myself sometimes so desperately needing.


Walking down the mountain to the village



Filling our bottles at the origin of the Steyr River