Ozeania: Tanz durch den Tag

by nacreouslights


Last week, Tanz durch den Tag and friends got together for the season opening with a beautiful music festival celebrating the first of May. All I can say is, “Wow”.

After months of hard work, we arrived the day before the festival on Brigittenauer Sporn on the Danube. Trucks came and went throughout the day, leaving behind piles of equipment and decorations. The bar was built up, tents were raised, the DJ booth was constructed, and the decorations were slowly caught in the trees, stuck in the earth, or strung into the air (air which seemed to be alive with anticipation). At some point, late into the dark, everyone made there way home to an uneasy sleep, tossing and turning with anxious excitement.

The crew and the sun arrived in the park around the same time on the first of May. The final preparations were made and the Aquarianer began to arrive we began to dress in beautifully dyed fabrics, glittering from head to toe. The Auqarianer are the people of the water. They don’t usually come on to land, but with the water supplies being in such danger, they migrated on to land to share the message with the people, “Be happy, dance, and love yourself, your fellow animals, and your earth“.

Though the event didn’t officially begin until 10am, the first guests began arriving around 9am, possibly anticipating the massive crowd to would later temporarily inhabit this park. The music began, and the people began to dance… The rest I will share through photographs, tiny snapshots of a very big, very beautiful thing.

IMG_1859 IMG_1934 IMG_1849 IMG_1831 IMG_1937 IMG_1798 IMG_1799 IMG_1721 IMG_1905 IMG_1718 IMG_1710 IMG_1661 IMG_1914 IMG_1738  IMG_1979 IMG_1970 IMG_1991

Thank you all for coming, bringing so much love, and making Ozeania the overwhelmingly beautiful event that it was, and don’t forget to keep loving your Earth. Love the water, but also the soil, the rocks, the plants, the animals. Love radiates, be it through words, experiences, or even these photographs. Spread love.